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Locating Creative and Academic Preschools Near Me

Finding private preschools near me with both a creative and academic approach can be challenging. While many private preschools focus on social skills and basic childcare needs, not many aim to help your child develop the skills and awareness that will support their future academic endeavors. Why is this important? Academics play a huge role in our lives and your child is in a unique period of life where cognitive, emotional, and interpersonal skills and abilities are being developed. These are the skills and abilities that will support their future social, academic, and emotional well-being.


At Sweet Hearts, one of the highest quality academic preschools near me, we use both Highscope and Montessori approaches to learning in order to support each individual child in their holistic growth. Using consistency, combined with a level of flexibility, your child will develop significant learning skills through play, imagination, math and science, language, and geology based studies. Instead of just learning to get along with others, they will develop grace and courtesy, and the language and actions necessary to navigate their environment.


Hands-on activities, imaginative play, and unique areas of study such as botany all play a role in building cognitive thinking, problem solving skills, and even self esteem. Private preschools near me all offer different approaches to early childhood education. But if you are looking for academic preschools near me, look no further than Sweet Hearts.


Our daily schedule includes organic breakfast, morning snack, and afternoon snack amidst a full day of activities, play, learning, and fun. Watch your child grow and develop their imagination, creative problem solving, fine motor skills, and a passion for learning new things. Sweet Hearts Preschool, unlike other private preschools near me, offers a progressive, holistic approach to early childhood education that will encourage your child to grow and thrive.

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