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The Advantages of a Kindergarten Prep School

Every approach to early childhood education is unique, but not every approach is successful. That is why at Sweet Hearts in San Jose, CA, we looked at the most holistic and encouraging teaching styles and combined them to create a program where your child will learn and thrive. Focusing on Highscope and Montessori together, we are more than just a Montessori preschool near me. While we use the foundational styles of Montessori, we also implement the very best of the Highscope philosophy to provide your child with a progressive, holistic approach to learning.


Kindergarten prep school is about more than just preparing your child for the next level of education. The skills they learn between the ages of 2 and 6 impact their attitude and understanding of learning and academics for years to come. This period of their lives is when they will develop their interpersonal skills, emotional awareness, manners, and cognitive skills. Not to mention fine motor skills. With that in mind, it is important that they are given every opportunity to learn in an environment that also encourages their individuality, independence, and unique passions.


Sweet Hearts is both a kindergarten prep school and a Montessori preschool near me that also provides support in developing childhood social skills and manners. Our emphasis on Grace and Courtesy helps your child develop the vocabulary and actions that allow them to navigate their environment and others with respect, self esteem, and independence. These important skills will impact them for years to come as they step into kindergarten and beyond. With the healthy foundation of courtesy and self esteem, your child will thrive throughout their academic experience and into adulthood. Cognitive lessons and outdoor play encourage their love of learning and help them discover their passions and interests. Call or visit us in San Jose, CA to learn more about our academic approach to learning.

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