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Why Choose an Academic Based Preschool?

Pre K academics is far more important than we realize and helps develop a foundation of learning that supports the future of your child's education. Sweet Hearts Preschool is an academic based preschool in San Jose, CA, that uses the Highscope and the Montessori philosophy. At Sweet Hearts, your child is encouraged in outdoor play, imaginative play, art, language, math and science, geography, and botany. Each area of study helps promote life skills, emotional and social awareness, cognitive skills, and more. Our Pre K academics are designed to give your child the skills that will hone creativity, problem solving, independence, and your child's unique sense of self and learning.


At Sweet Hearts, we understand that every child learns differently, which is why we have a flexible approach to classroom academic styles. Our first priority is that your child experiences a safe, holistic, and encouraging environment where they can thrive in their Pre K academics experience. A passion for learning is one of the first steps to helping children become lifelong learners. We encourage creative and cognitive activities based on your child's unique areas of interest to help them develop a passion for learning. As an academic based preschool, we also understand the value of social skills in the learning environment. For this reason, we focus on Grace and Courtesy during the age when your child is most sensitive to learning manners and courtesy. We teach your child the vocabulary, actions, and steps to develop interpersonal skills that allow them to respond to their peers, adults, and their environment. Pre K academics is proven to enhance childhood learning and the skills that your child will use later in life. Visit our San Jose, CA academic based preschool today to learn more about our holistic approach to childhood learning.

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