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Is There a Kindergarten Prep Near Me that Uses Academic and Play Based Preschool Curriculum?

Your child deserves the best approach to learning, social skills, and academics. That is why Sweet Hearts Preschool in San Jose, CA, uses both academic and play based preschool curriculum. Combining Montessori and Highscope philosophies allow your child to experience the most holistic and progressive approach to learning. When searching for a kindergarten prep near me, it is important to understand the different styles of learning that are used.


At Sweet Hearts Preschool, our play based preschool curriculum emphasizes outdoor play, imaginative play, as well as play that teaches unique language skills, art, science and math, and even botany. This Montessori approach to learning is very hands-on and utilizes different games, toys, and basic tools to encourage learning. Sweet Hearts also emphasizes academics, teaching not only subjects such as geology, history, and science, but teaching your child how to become a lifelong learner. Developing cognitive and problem solving skills helps your child learn to thrive in a classroom setting. Their future academic experience is promoted through the skills and approach that we use through our play based preschool curriculum.


Finding the right kindergarten prep near me can be a challenging endeavor. We encourage you to visit our San Jose, CA preschool to see our methods and philosophies in action and determine if our progressive and holistic approach is right for your child. The Montessori and Highscope philosophies allow us to be both consistent and flexible, which means your child's unique personality, interests, and learning styles are taken into account as they learn. Weekly assessments provide you with a comprehensive view of your child's progress and development and allow us to adjust their learning style to promote their social and academic progress.


Join us for a preview and see how play based preschool curriculum can encourage your child's growth and development in their precious early years.

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