Why Sweet Hearts is the Best Preschool Near Me

Sweet Hearts Preschool in San Jose takes a progressive and holistic approach to early childhood education, with an emphasis on helping children develop social, interpersonal, creative problem solving, and cognitive skills, among many others. Your child will participate in a multitude of classroom and playtime learning styles, from outdoor play to art, language arts, and botany.


Weekly child observation and student assessment allow us to ensure that your child is growing, developing, and learning in a healthy, natural way. Every child learns differently, and we understand the need to use consistency as well as flexibility in approach in order to help your child develop a passion for lifelong learning.


Why is Sweet Hearts the best preschool near me? We believe that children have an incredible opportunity between the ages of 2 and 6 to develop some of the most important skills that will last them a lifetime and help aid the in their future educational and other aspirations. After working with and observing the different early childhood education styles, we opted to focus our preschool San Jose on Highscope and Montessori, both of which encourage independence, social skills, emotional growth, and cognitive preparation.


Sweet Hearts Preschool in San Jose also offers above and beyond any other preschool near me. Tuition covers a monthly parents' night out, where your children experience the safe and friendly environment of the classroom for a fun evening of dinner, friends, and a movie while you get an evening to enjoy yourself. During normal classroom schedule, we offer breakfast, morning snack, and afternoon snack, all of which is organic. Our preschool in San Jose brings the very best of early childhood education to our community, giving children the opportunity to learn and grow in a nurturing and active environment.